Mission Australia's Cafe One

Café One delivers positive life skills

May 3, 2018

A training and social enterprise program aimed at providing disengaged youth the skills for sustainable independence will commence in Palmerston next week.

Café One, by Mission Australia, is an eight-week workplace and practical training program specifically designed to provide young people employment and life skills through the operation of a mobile coffee and snack trailer.

Managed by well-known local chef and youth support worker, David Taylor, Café One will offer an integrated approach to training and like skills.

“Too often we see young people faced by a cycle of lack of skills, unemployment and homelessnees. We need to be able to provide a safe, inclusive space for them to learn and grow, to feel confident and restore their understanding of self-worth,” said Mr Taylor.

Café One will provide real time industry standard training in food and beverage preparation. Operating as a business, participants will learn customer service skills, cash handling and stock management while being provided with specialised literacy and numeracy coaching where needs are identified.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for disengaged and long term unemployed youth. As a mobile service, we will be able to support community activities and attend local events, showcasing our services to the public while building opportunities for other community organisations to interact with and support the participants for their efforts,” Mr Taylor said.

Mission Australia has seven positions available in its first intake and plans to run the program several times each year. Each participant will be offered support for 12 months following graduation to assist them stay on the path to sustainable employment.

“I have seen this style of program deliver excellent results for disenfranchised youth,” said Mr Taylor. “It is about providing opportunities where our young people are not threatened by what they don’t know, but are excited by what they could know. We need to help remove the barriers to employment, mental and social well-being as they make their journey into adulthood and independence.”

Mission Australia provides youth services across the nation to support vulnerable young men and women. Programs such as Café One, aim to empower young people to make positive life choices and become more self-sufficient.

“Organisations wishing to support Café One, through donations, mentoring or employment are encouraged to contact Mission Australia and help young people in the Top End reach their full potential,” he said.