Territory icons break down barrier on dealing with stress and anxiety

February 22, 2017

A Northern Territory community service organisation has taken a fresh approach to engaging with people who may be experiencing stress or anxiety due to challenges they are facing in their personal and work life.

Relationships Australia Northern Territory aims to take the stigma out of seeking help when things get tough and has developed a friendly and inviting approach using iconic Territory animals and the hash-tag #tellmeaboutit.

“Going through personal and or work related challenges can be complicated, sometimes painful and certainly stressful,” says Chief Executive Officer Marie Morrison.

“People in this situation need to feel that there is someone to turn to, someone they can trust and feel comfortable with.”

“All too often counselling services are seen as something clinical, we wanted to create an easy way for people to ask for support.”

The Relationships Australia Northern Territory campaign features a cartoon styled fruit bat, camp dog, owl, crocodile and echidna by Darwin graphic designer Ness Cotton.

The designs have been incorporated into back of bus advertising, wallet cards, workplace posters and a website with easy to follow information on counselling services.

“We find that most couples wait six years before getting help, and yet in a recent survey a substantial majority (71%) of respondents who had seen a counsellor reported that it was a worthwhile experience for them.”*

“We want to move the conversation about counselling from behind closed doors and encourage people to talk about what causes them stress and how counselling can help.”

Relationships Australia Northern Territory will be in the Smith Street Mall this coming Friday for a free “Tell me about it” morning tea, introducing their fun new mascots and offering some helpful tips on dealing with stress and anxiety.

“At Relationships Australia we believe that everyone is entitled to positive, supportive and healthy relationships whether these relationships are at work or in our personal lives, sometimes we just need some assistance in working out how to achieve it.”


“Tell me about it” free morning tea Friday 24 February, 10am – 1 pm, Bennett Street end of the Smith Street Mall, media welcome.

For more information:

* Relationships Australia online survey, June 2016